I am having a hard time believing it is November 16. Where has the year gone? It seem like just a moment ago I was performing in a summer musical and now we have been talking about Christmas gifts and making sure all of our holiday plans are set.

While I am amazed at how fast the year has gone, I am very happy with the tie of year that is approaching. Yes, I am happy about Christmas, but I am thinking of Thanksgiving. A time for rest and to be with my family. A time to reflect on all the good things that God has given us. It is an overlooked holiday, but it is one of my favorites.

Do you remember when no stores were open on Thanksgiving day? It seems like forever ago, but it really was true. You would drive around town and it was quiet. There were folks at the convenience store trying to get last minute items, but no one at Walmart or any other of the big stores.

Then, early the next morning you would go get in line and Black Friday would commence. I used to love Black Friday. I would be up by four and out the door for the stores to open around 5. I was able to secure some really good deals for a while. Then, they went and messed it up. I saw people camping on Thanksgiving day last year in front of a Best Buy. Nothing says being thankful like trying to be the first one to buy a TV for 100 bucks off.

All of this to say, I now observe Thanksgiving week like the old days…in the quiet of our home. We fix an awesome meal and have a movie marathon. We laugh and enjoy and spend time as a family. I absolutely love that. I can shop any old time. This is the stuff that can’t be replaced.

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