It is day 67 and I am wrestling with something. I have been achieving the goals on my list. I have made great strides in my health and in my learning. However, should I be doing more?

The beauty of the list that I wrote is it is keeping me accountable. For 67 days now I have accomplished each to do item I have written down. But…part of me is still unsatisfied. I can feel there is more to be done, but what?

The hard part of setting goals is choosing what they should be. I had the seven goals currently on the List picked out for weeks before I started. I knew inside that these were the things that I wanted to accomplish, so when it was time to start I set out with a fire.

Knowing that something else needs to be added is driving self examination. So, what am I going to add to the list? I’m not there yet, but! I am setting a deadline. By this coming Sunday I will know what my options are and will choose what needs to be added. The deadline has worked for my other tasks. I expect it to work for this one too.

This is my stake in the sand. I know there is more to be done. I intend to find it.

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