I was in the gym recently and overheard a conversation. Two guys were talking about life being hard and how times were tough. The first guy was extremely frustrated. He was dejected. He needed an ear. The second guy listened patiently and provided sage advice.

We were in the middle of the gym, but it was a great example of someone taking time to listen to the problems of another and encourage them where they were. They also threw around heavy weights and had a good time with general banter.

I really appreciate how the second guy took time right where he was. He didn’t put it off. He didn’t find it odd. He saw a friend that needed encouragement and he met him there. They talked. The lifted. They cussed. They were being real right there in the middle of the gym.

This is the person I try to be as well. I am convinced that there are tons of people frustrated and in pain all around us. They need us to listen. They need someone to see where they are coming from. They need a friend, but don’t know how to ask for one. I want to be that friend.

I smiled when I overheard the guys at the gym. It was real. It was real good too.

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