I feel stuck. I’m not, I don’t think…but it sure feels that way. The scale does this to me every so often.

For the first couple of weeks of this 100 Day Strong journey I wasn’t losing much. I started at 285 pounds. It felt like to took forever to get down under 280.

Then, when I got into the 270s, dropping weight went a lot faster. In no time, I was down under 270. Then things slowed down. I have made it down to 263, but it has taken some time.

My question is this: does it matter how fast it comes off or is it more important that I stick to the process? In truth, the process is the reason I am doing this and it’s the reason the weight is coming off. I need to trust the process and lean in.

This is why this challenge is set over a span of 100 days. I am striving to be consistent day over day. It is making a difference. The mirror is starting to tell me so. Keep moving forward.

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