Is it on the list? If it isn’t, it probably won’t get done. This has been my surprising discovery over the past 51 days.

What do I mean by this? As I have mentioned in previous posts, I have been following 7 steps to reach my 100 Day Strong goal. They are not complicated, but the power of writing them down has had great effect. I have accomplished everything on the list for 51 straight days.

For my exercise goal, I originally had weight lifting and walking as my plan. I worked out three days a week and walked the other 4. This was adequate for getting started, but I quickly realized I needed to improve on that as I went. So, I moved to lifting 3 days a week and also walking 7 days a week. I started to see results.

I then realized I needed to add flexibility into my routine as well. Enter yoga.

I am going to admit, I have never been a yoga fan. I have tried it more than once over the years and it never stuck. It seemed floofy. My best attempts have been using DDP Yoga. It is a great program and is more my speed. I have picked it up again and am starting to get into a rhythm.

Now, I am lifting three days a week, doing yoga 3 days a week and walking every day. The weight isn’t dropping as fast as I would like, but I can tell my cardiovascular health is improving. A lot. And my flexibility too…a little.

How did I add yoga in successfully? I wrote it down as part of my original list. If it doesn’t make the list it may not get done. I had to put it on there, because I need to get it done. It’s that simple. When it made the list, it had to be done.

What do you need to add to your list today?

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