I have a ten pound dog sitting on my chest. She is usually very sure of herself and headstrong. She is in a new environment this evening and she is out of sorts. So, she comes to me for comfort.

I like it. Since she is my darling wife’s dog, I am not usually the source of comfort. But, every once in a while she comes to me. I know things are better when I feel her breathing change. She loosens up and starts to relax.

While I love it that she will come to me, I don’t fault her for preferring my wife over me. I am rather fond of my bride as well. She gives me comfort like no one else. So, it is safe to say I understand where the pup gets it.

We all need that rest. We need a safe place we can go. I think that is why I love the verse in Matthew:

Are you weary, carrying a heavy burden? Come to me. I will refresh your life, for I am your oasis. – Matthew 11:28 TPT

Just like my little dog comes to me scared and nervous, I can go to Jesus with what burdens me. I can come to Him freaked out and He promises to refresh my life and be my oasis. When I let Him do that I find rest. Before long, I relax. He gives me peace and rest.

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