I almost can’t believe that 6 weeks have gone by since I started my 100 Day Strong journey. It has gone fast and hasn’t been as hard as I expected it to be. Sure, tracking my food has become a learned habit, but in the grand scheme of things it has been really easy.

So far I have:

1. Taken a picture of my progress every day. (I will share some of these at some point, but am not ready yet.)

2. Exercised daily. Currently I am lifting weights 3 days a week and walking for at least 30 minutes on the other days. I have put in a workout every day for 43 days. It feels good.

3. I have counted every calorie for 43 days. I am often reminded of the adage, how can you track what you don’t measure? The answer is, you can’t. You may think you are doing good, but unless you have the data to prove it, it is just conjecture.

4. Read/Listened to a chapter of a book every day. I am going to put together my reading list as a part of this journey. There have been some good ones that I am eager to share.

5. I have wanted to blog for years. I will occasionally pick it up and put it back down. I have been consistent every day for 6 weeks. I am eager to keep going.

6. I have consistently downed 100 ounces of water, or more for this whole time. This may be one of the biggest wins of this journey. I think I was chronically dehydrated before I started. I am feeling a lot better.

7. I have encouraged at least one person per day. since I started. This may be my favorite part of the whole thing. I love people. I love letting the truth lift their spirits. It is good for them and for me.

Bring on week 7. At one point this was all a dream, and now it is a reality I am living in the middle of. Let’s keep the dream going.

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