There he is again. He is in his element. On the couch. Under a blanket. Curled up next to members of his pack. He is safe. He is happy. He is living his best life. Oh, to be a dog.

My dog Max has it good. It didn’t start out like that, but things got much better after we met. If he could talk, I am sure he would tell you the same thing.

We have always loved dachshunds. They are lively little things. They are full of life and are a ton of fun. When we got to Texas we wanted to find another one. My first dachshund, Shorty, passed in 2012 and it was beyond time to find our next buddy.

I was able to find a dachshund rescue here in Texas. They specialize in finding cool dogs good families. I had my eye on a handsome little guy that was down in the Houston area. It was further than I wanted to drive, but was willing to take the trip. Before we could head that way, the rescue called me and asked me to consider a dog much closer in south Fort Worth.

When I got down to the apartment where the foster family was keeping him, he was easy to spot. He was full of life and super skinny. He was very friendly and the decision was made. We had a new family member.

First order of business was getting him some food. The lady I got him from told me that he was only given one (small) cup of food a day. I get that dachshunds have bad backs and need to watch their weight. I could see his ribs and not in a good way. I thought about getting him a hamburger on the way home.

It didn’t take long and Max was a part of the pack. He is one of the friendliest dogs I have ever been around. Usually dachshunds don’t like people outside their pack. They are protective and territorial. Max? Not so much. He won’t put up with people messing with us (or us messing with each other), but he is always ready to say hello to new people. It can be pitiful at times, but it is cute.

When we got him they told me he was less than 2 years old. We got him in December of 2016, so he should have been a Christmas baby 2014. I found his paperwork last year and it appears he was closer to 5. I felt like I got robbed of a few years. However long we have him, he is going to be a happy guy. That is part of being in this pack.

I look at him sometimes and I remind myself I need to adopt some of his ways:

1. Max loves everybody. I don’t know if he has met someone he doesn’t want to be around.

2. Even pushing 11 years old, dude loves to play. He keeps his 3 year old Jack Russel sister busy. Like him, I need to play more. I might have less stress if I did.

3. He is a relaxer. When it is time to wind down, it is time to wind down. I love that.

I love this guy. He is a great dog. I am glad that he gets to be my buddy.

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