I love going to work before the sun comes up. No, I don’t like getting up early. No, I don’t like sitting in traffic at 6 am. What is it I love? I can see the stars as I walk out to my car. It is beautiful.

For a few moth out of the year Orion hangs out over my driveway. I can see his shoulders and feet, though the dagger on his belt is a little faint. He shows up well considering he is hundreds of light years away.

I have always loved the stars. I remember learning about them in grade school. Our class had a lesson under a makeshift planetarium. The teacher pointed out Orion, Taurus, and so many more. My favorite back then was the Big Dipper. I am sure I imagined it was dipping ice cream.

What would it be like to travel among the stars? Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a space ship like on TV? Just to fly around the stars and take it all in. That would be amazing.

And to know God made it all with just a word. He spoke and there it was. It really gives you a sense for how awesome He is and how small we are. And yet, He loves us.

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