I took a rest day today. I still accomplished all of my daily goals, but it was a low key/chill kind of day. I needed it more than I thought I did. It has been too long.

Rest is vital. Recuperating in a purposeful way is a must. I am not got at it. Once upon a time I was a free spirit that had no problem taking a day and doing nothing. That is not who I am anymore. Resting does not come easy.

That is why days like today are so important. And having someone that will make you take a day like today. My beautiful wife did that for me. She told me to relax and just piddle around the house. I did. I needed it.

When was the last time you unplugged? If you are anything like me, it has been too long. Don’t forget to take a rest here and there. It is very needed.

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