I started reading a very old book this morning. Written in 1859, what would a book have to teach me today? Isn’t information of that age out of date and out of style? In a word, no. I read a book daily that is thousands of years older. So, it stands to reason that a book from 1859 could still teach me a thing or two.

What book am I reading 160 years after it was published? Self Help by Samuel Smiles. I have tried to read it before. I must admit, the English in this book is challenging. He really knew how to speak the language and I am having to process each sentence as they come along. It is good and very informative.

Right from the start he hits on a topic that I believe is essential to the world right now. Our societies are only as strong as the character of the people that make them up. What do I mean? If we have a majority in our societies that are devoid of morality, we will have a nation that is devoid of morality. We are the sum of our parts, so it seems.

I am eager to read this book. The last time I stopped a few chapters in as the descriptions he made were from a time I could not understand. I feel that was a mistake on my part. Whether the language is old or new, there are lessons here that I need to understand. There is something vital here.

I want to share one of the nuggets I picked up from the book as a final thought:

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