It’s been a new experience sharing thoughts every day in this medium. I keep hoping that it comes easier and easier. In some ways, it has. Sometimes I’m still concerned with how to share things in the right way where the whole world can read it. I am hopeful that I will find this balance.

For today, I want to share something that happened this morning. The family and I set out for the State Fair of Texas. Aside from a few years we missed from Covid, we try to make it out every year. It isn’t a cheap excursion, but generally a lot of fun.

I like to head out early. Call me old school, but getting places on time is important. The fair opened at 10 this morning and that was when I wanted to be there. We got under way and the map said we would arrive on time. Enter Dallas traffic. Nothing is ever on time in Dallas traffic. We arrived about 20 after, but we were able to park close to the gate so I figured we were doing good.

When I got out of the car, the attendant headed over and tried to charge me 30 buck to park. The sign on the fence nearby said 20. I told him I wasn’t paying more than the posted rate. He relented and I handed over the cash. We were then off to see the sights.

After a fun few hours which included that enormous pig above, we headed back to the car. Thankfully the lot was not too far from the gate. When we got back to the car, we realized our car was buried. I parked right next to the road, but the attendant blocked us in. The only way out was to hope the curb.

My darling bride went to find the parking lot attendant. It was then we found out…we had been parked by a homeless guy that morning. Half the lot was already full when the real attendant showed up. Apparently the homeless guy made a few hundred bucks and was on his merry way. No wonder he tried to charge me 30.

The lady was gracious and laughed about it with us. We hopped in the car and hopped the curb. It was a funny end to a good day at the fair. Though I don’t like what the homeless guy was doing, I admire his hustle.

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