My younger self would hate me for saying this, but I love being up before the sun comes up. I don’t always enjoy getting out of bed at first. However, when I actually get off my butt and out the door for a morning walk I find the same thing to be true every time. This is amazing.

There are so many different sounds that the morning makes. This morning I hear the birds, the trees, train whistles, crickets, and even some annoying traffic off of the road not too far away. Everything is waking up and it is very nice to be out here with it.

I also fine when I start my day this way, my day usually goes much better. There are things that I need to do every day they really should be done first. If I don’t do them early there’s a good chance they won’t get done at all.

I read a book along time ago by Brian Tracy called Eat That Frog. In the book he advocated starting with the hardest tasks first. He advocated this for a few different reasons.

1. By tackling your hardest task first in the day, you’re able to bring your best energy and your clearest mind.

2. Your hardest task is usually the one that has the most reward. The task would not be hard otherwise.

3. When you finish your hardest task early, the rest of the day stands no chance. Your productivity is through the roof.

What tasks do I consider my most important ones of the day personally? Every morning I read my Bible, I exercise, and I write. Or, at least this is what I intend to do every day. Do I always accomplish this? Um…no. Just as the sun rises with each new day, there is a chance to start again.

I find when I do these things consistently over time that I don’t even notice how far I’ve come. I’ve been blogging now for about six months and I’m amazed at how many posts I’ve been able to make. I’ve read my Bible every day for several years and I’ve read it all the way through more than once. I started exercising seriously last May. I may not have dropped all the weight I want to, but I feel so much better than I would have.

It all starts with getting up before the sun comes up. Getting out and experiencing the morning as I start my day is essential. This is amazing in so many ways.

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