For the the past few months I have been playing Super Mario Odyssey on the Nintendo Switch with my boy. This is been made very special by the fact that he is very good at the game and I am somewhat of a novice. I have been amazed at the details in the graphics in the captivating nature of the story. In classic Mario fashion, it’s a very enjoyable game. More importantly, I have thoroughly enjoyed playing it with my boy.

It is made me think back to my first experience with a Nintendo. My boy tries to tell me that he’s been playing the game longer than I have… please… I often remind him I have been Nintendo since about 1988. (Maybe 1989 or 90…its been thirty yeas…that is the point.)

I remember when my dad took me to get that original Nintendo system. I remember walking through the store. I remember looking at the system and the games that were for sale. The only game system I had ever played games on was the Atari. (Who remembers Pitfall?!) From the pictures I saw on the Nintendo box the Atari was about to be old news.

One memory that sticks out very vividly is the game that I chose him to go along with the new Nintendo. Obviously, it came with Super Mario Brothers and Duck Hunt. My dad offered to give me an additional game aside from those. I chose a game that had Mickey Mouse in it. My dad tried to talk me into something different. I’m not sure what game he had his eye on, or if he was just surprised in my selection.I was convinced and what I wanted. Incidentally, I enjoyed that game for quite a while.

I also remember that I once stayed home from school for a day so I could beat a game called Bionic Commando. (I remember telling my mom that I wanted to stay home because I didn’t feel good. She knew me well enough to know that I needed a break day. She has always been cool like that. I have no idea where I got a hold of that game to even play it, but I remember playing hooky and having the best day beating the bad guys.

My favorite times were playing Super Mario Brothers for hours on end. It was challenging. It was fun. For this 11-year-old boy, I really enjoyed that game. But now, I enjoy it because of my son. The old one was cool, but the new it’s so much better because I get to share it with him.

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