What makes you laugh?

I have an admission to make. I have a TikTok account. I know, half of America does, but it still feels like a dirty little secret. “You have a TikTok? Are you ok?” This is the response I expect when people find out.

Yes. I watch for a very specific reason: I find videos I know will make my wife laugh. A couple of times a week we will spend 20 minutes or so watching them. I have a pretty good knack for finding good ones, but every once in a while I strike gold.

What is the gold you ask? Her laugh. You know that kind where it is hard to breath and your eyes start to sweat? That uncontrollable belly laugh of high enjoyment? Yep. That is it. Pure gold.

So, what usually gets laughs like this? It varies from day to day, but it usually involves a dog or cat and the awesome personalities they exude. Or, it could be a kid swinging a ball bat and hitting his dad in the…you know…or a ton of other things.

Her laugh is one of the sweetest sounds on earth to me. It brings me joy. It calms me. It makes me fall for her deeper and deeper…and we have been at this for almost 25 years. I just can’t get enough.

When she is laughing I want to join in. So, what makes me laugh? Making my bride laugh.

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