I said it before in a previous post, but it bears repeating…I love words. I love uncovering the meaning in them.

What word am I thinking about today? Agency.

What does this word mean?

We all know the common definition. A business that transacts agreements between two or mor parties. Think insurance agency. This is not what I am after.

The next definition states – a thing or person that acts to produce a particular result.

We have agency. We have the ability inside us to decide what results we want to see and then go after it. It may not seem like we have it, but we do.

This 100 days is not starting out as well as the last one did. I feel sluggish. I have hit a weight loss wall. It feels like I won’t hit any more of the goals I have set out for myself. That is how it “feels”.

Then I remember that I have agency. I have the ability to determine a particular result and go after my with a ferocious intensity. That power to choose is mine. Sluggish or not, there are things to be done. Goals to be achieved.

It is time to keep moving forward. I made the choice. Now it is time to follow through.

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