As we come out of the Christmas holiday, the New Year is now upon us. There are no more excuses. There is no more binging on sweets. It is time to get back into the routine and start crushing goals.

I have made a discovery. I need routine much more than I ever thought I did. I can hear my younger self now. He is mortified. He can shut up.

I just finished day 2 of my next round of 100 Days Strong. Things are starting to feel normal again. I got my walk and my yoga in today. I stayed within my calorie limits. I can sense normalcy. It feels strange and awesome at the same time.

Why does it feel strange? I have finally had a breakthrough and am no longer stuck in the same place I was. Why you ask? There have been a couple of things that have stopped me from getting to this point over the years:

1. I have had a difficult relationship with food over the years. I understand what it feels like to not have a lot. Due to this, I made a point of eating more than I needed many times because I didn’t want to miss out. Call it insecurity, but food was safety in some ways.

2. I have also spent time not being honest with the guy in the mirror. I have known I needed to lose weight for some time, but always told myself it wasn’t as bad as it appeared. I wasn’t in that bad of shape was I? The truth? It was worse than it appeared. I was too heavy. Too inactive. Too lazy. It was not only affecting me, but my family as well.

It was beyond time to change. I had to do it. For me. For my family. That is why I stepped up to the challenge in September. That is why I stuck to my goals for 100 Days Strong. That is also why I did not allow myself more than a week or two before starting again.

I can’t undo the past. I can make better, more honest decisions going forward. Here is to 2023 and getting it done.


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