Today is day 90. I am 10 days from completing my 100 Day Strong goal. I am so close I can taste it. Just a little further. I am almost there.

I wrote the above paragraph as a remind that now is not the time to quit. I have to push through. I have to keep going. Even though it is getting rough, I have to keep going.

Why is it rough? Our church musical is in full swing. We have run three shows today. Needless to say it has been a very long day. That does not give me permission to skip. We are still headed to 100 Days Strong.

My thought is if I can make it through this, I can keep my healthy choices up after the 100 days is over. That is the thing I am building through all of this. Consistency. This is becoming a habit that is worth keeping. So, we keep going.

Ten more days to go. It is time to finish strong.

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