There are times when I can barely contain the pride I have for my son. I have been proud of him all his life, but I can feel it so much stronger these days watching him become an exceptional young man.

I have numerous reasons, but there are three I want to share:

1. He is sweet on his mama. This is big to me. Their relationship has been awesome over the years, and it keeps getting better. He takes care of her. He looks out for her. He is sweet on her. It makes me very proud.

2. He loves being around kids younger than him. He doesn’t look down on littles. He is kind. He will play games with them. He looks after them like they were his siblings. He is kind. I love it.

3. He loves God. I could have put this one first, but chose to finish with it because this is so awesome. He does his best to make good decisions and honor the way God wants him to love. So proud.

I absolutely love being a dad. Even more than that, I love being his dad. I never expected it to be so good. I treasure it every day. I look forward to the man he is becoming. He makes me so proud.

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