Can it really be possible? Is 2022 almost over. It seems like it has gone by in a blur. Especially these past 85 days. I guess time really does fly when you are having fun, or at least when you are hard at work at your goals.

As I mentioned a few days ago, the hardest stretch of my 100 Day Strong journey is here. I am in a Christmas musical at my church and it opens this week. We have 9 shows to perform over the next 6 days and I am determined to crush it this week.

I was watching a video online earlier. A motivational coach was talking about winning. One of the points he made sounded something like this:

Winning is the goal. It is the thing we work at. We strive to win. We pour in the sweat and the tears for the chance to win. Will the work and the sweat guarantee a win? No. But, we put them in regardless, because without them we will never be in a position to win. The work gets us ready for when the opportunity presents itself. – Paraphrased from what I heard

I have found the above statement to be true. Has all the work I have done guaranteed me anything? No. It has, however, put me in a position where I feel better. I am more motivated. I am achieving things that matter to me. Will there be opportunities arise out of the work I have done? Who knows, but if they do they would not have been there otherwise.

So, I will keep working. I will keep grinding. I will achieve the goals I wrote down my List for the time period I set out. When that is complete, I will set another goal. Now that I have come this far, I can’t turn back. Will it guarantee success? No. But, it will guarantee that I am giving it my best effort to achieve it. That is the better way to be.

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