We do hard things. That is one of our family mottos. It is something that we have tried to instill in our son. It is who we choose to be.

I remind myself of this motto on days like today. I am tired. My body aches. I have been busy with things not on my list, but I still have to get the important stuff done. It is hard. But, it is what we do.

Why is this important? It is important because things will always be difficult. Days will not go the way we expect. “Responsibilities” will get in the way of goals. It will be hard, but that is the stuff we do.

I am 84 days into my 100 Day Strong journey. I refuse to quit my goal. So, after I finish here at the church (musical rehearsal) I will get to the gym. I most likely won’t get into bed until after 11. It will be worth it.

What goal are yo working on now? Do you persist when it gets hard? How do you keep going?

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