Repetition. It seems tedious. It seems boring. It is also so important to improve at anything. You have to get purposeful repetitions.

That is one of the lessons that I have learned throughout my 100 Day Strong challenge. Could I actually make it 100 days and accomplish the tasks I set out? So far I am 80 days in and still going strong. How? Repetition.

This is the beauty behind the List I made at the beginning of this journey. The reason the List works so well is because it lays out specific tasks to accomplish daily. I have gotten repetitions at those tasks. After 80 days many of them are becoming second nature.

I can look back over my life and see where repetition has worked for me. I remember practicing for hours in high school to become a better singer. After a lot of repetition and hard work I received a full scholarship to sing in college. To go from where I started to where I ended up, it took a lot of reps.

Where has leaning into the details and being willing to get reps worked for you?

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