I am sitting in a musical rehearsal. It is the week before show and we are working through placing the sets on stage. Translation? I am sitting in the crowd watching folks place sets where they will go. At some point they will call my name and I will get to help.

This is the part you don’t think about when you go to see a show. If the cast and crew do what they are supposed to, you get sucked into the story and you don’t notice the mechanics of the show. It just flows.

It has given me a great appreciation for the folks behind the scenes. They work hard. They make the show happen. Without them, the show would fall flat and the audience would not see a great show.

It has also given me an appreciation for all of the folks behind the scenes in life. From waiters to grocery checkers, fast food workers to medical workers and everyone in between. There are so many people that make life work and we never even notice.

I am reminded to stay grateful. Just like the backstage crew that gets the performance ready, there are people we never see that keep us moving forward. Gratitude is the way to be.

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