What do you do when something you have been hoping for doesn’t go the way you want it to? You have looked forward to it. You were sure it was going to happen. Then, it didn’t.

I have had a couple of these experiences lately. I had my eye set on a certain prize. I worked for it. I wanted it. I didn’t get it.

I have a couple of answers to this question:

1. You keep going. Even though I didn’t get what I was after, I have other goals and aspirations that are still in front of me. I have things to do. The milk may have spilled, but there are no tears. We regroup and we keep going.

2. You refocus. I have found that when I get hyper focused on something, I miss a lot of the details surrounding the situation. In the case above, I had my eye set on something specific. When I didn’t get it I was deflated. However, when I stepped back from the situation I realized I wasn’t ready for what I was after. Sure, I could have been good at it, but the learning curve would have been much steeper. With my gaze set at a wider angle, I can prepare if the opportunity arises again.

I have faced numerous situations like this in my life. I refuse to be dragged down by them. I choose to keep my eye on the prize and keep working toward my goals. If there are setbacks, so be it. I will not be deterred.

#keepmovingforward #achievethegoal

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