When I hear 9 weeks I think about school. There were two 9 week sessions in each semester. I remember it well. It felt like they took forever. These days 9 weeks goes by in a hurry.

What have I accomplished in 63 days? I am so glad you asked. Let me make a list:

1. I have lost 27 pounds.

2. I have read 4 books and have started 6 others. I will complete 2 of these this week.

3. I have drank 50 gallons of water. This is a huge accomplishment all in itself.

4. I have posted to the blog 63 days in a row.

There are other accomplishments I have made as well. I am very happy with the work I have put in over the last 9 weeks. But, I am not satisfied. There is much more to do.

I am plotting for my next accomplishments now. The last 9 weeks has been so fulfilling and has left me hungry for more.

#onwardandupward #keepmovingforward

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