Recently I picked up a challenge sheet for different creative writing prompts. The following is a fictional account of something my family would probably do. This was a fun attempt and good practice.

“Hello? Is anyone here?” Deep inside I knew the answer. I was all alone, but it didn’t stop me from checking. “Hello…” Nothing.

Where were they? It was almost time for dinner. It was out of place for my wife and son to be out of the house at that time of day. I reached for my phone. There it was. A text message from my wife that I never felt.

We are running an errand. Won’t be long. What should we have for dinner?

Feeling relieved, I dropped my things and put my earbuds in. A quick phone call would be better than texting her while she was driving. The phone rang twice and the call was answered.

“Hello love,” I said. “What’s up?”

“Hi. Can I call you back?” That was not the response I expected.

“Um, sure. Is everything ok?”

“Yes. I will call you back.” With that, the phone line went dead. What was going on? This was not normal at all.

To keep myself busy, I started rummaging through the fridge. There had to be something in there to whip together for dinner. Leftover steak. I could transform that into something while I waited.

A short time later, I heard the garage door open. I moved quickly to meet them at the door. My son ran in smiling from ear to ear. He threw his arms out as he approached me. Having a little one never gets old. The hugs are amazing.

“Daddy, you want surprise?” He caught me off guard.

“A surprise?” I asked as I stared into his excited face.

“Yes!” He squealed. “MAMA!!!” he shouted at the top of his lungs. I could tell this had all been arranged. She quickly walked through the door with a lump in her arms. The lump was moving…

“Is that a..”

“DOG!” my boy squealed.

“Happy birthday,” my bride said as she smiled at me. “Are you surprised?”

It was my birthday. I had forgotten my own birthday.

“Yes. Yes, I am.”

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