I am almost half way through my goal. I have been very pleased with my progress, but I feel I could be doing better. So, it is now time for some fine tuning.

My exercise program has been the most consistent thing that I was doing prior to my 100 Day Strong journey. I was lifting weights six days a week with some walking occasionally thrown in. When I shifted my focus to the 100 days, I cut the lifting in half as I want to lean down.

For the first 6 weeks I have been lifting 3 days a week and walking the other 4. I revised the plan today. Here is what the workout portion for the rest of my 100 Day Strong workout will look like:

Sunday: Weights, Walk 30 + minutes

Monday: Yoga, Walk 30 + minutes

Tuesday: Weights, Walk 30 + minutes

Wednesday: Yoga, Walk 30 + minutes

Thursday: Walk 30 + minutes

Friday: Weights, Walk 30 + minutes

Saturday: Yoga, Walk 30 + minutes

I am stepping up my game a notch with the daily walking and the yoga. I am going to try this for the remainder of the 100 days. Let’s see where this goes. At the very least I should be more flexible and have some more endurance.

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