It is raining outside my window. The soft lull of it beating on the room has been a pleasant sound all throughout the morning. It is not too heavy, just steady and comforting. When it rains like this, I like the rain.

It does make me get more intentional with my exercise. I live in Texas. I always have to be intentional if I plan to exercise. Thankfully there is no 100 degree heat anywhere in sight. So, I made it over to the local gym and put in my time lifting and on the treadmill.

That has been the pleasant surprise over these past 47 days. I have been living and moving with a higher degree of intentionality that before. There have been many days in the past when I would have seen a rainy day as a good excuse to not do anything, but eat and lie around. I like that I am still taking care of the necessary despite what is going on around.

So, now that the exercise is done. I am going to lie around some and eat within my calories. And spend time with my family. All of the work to get to that one thing is very sweet.

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