I have had a rough past regarding food. There have been times in my life where there wasn’t much. The have been times in my life where there has been plenty. During the plentiful times I think my unspoken desire has been to make up for lost time and/or calories. Not a great way to be.

That may be why I have been known to eat a large pizza, by myself, in one sitting. I always rationalized that it was thin crust and much less filling, which I still believe to be true. However, thin crust or not, one does not need to eat 2000 calories in one sitting. (I just looked up the info and based this off a Dominos large pizza topped with Pepperoni.) I am not proud to say I have done this many times in my past.

For this reason, my 100 Days Strong journey has been amazing. I have a target calorie goal of 2600. When not eating a large pizza, I am able to fit a plethora of foods inside that count. This includes cookies I get from the cafeteria at work, 250 calories for chocolate chips and M&Ms. I am also able to drink an occasional glass of wine, 280 calories for 12 ounces. When you don’t blow all of your calories in one meal, it is surprising what else you can fit in.

This calorie goal is accompanied by a goal to eat certain percentages of carbs, fats, and protein. God made all three of them, and our bodies need them. It just helps to balance them out.

The result of this? So far I have lost 16 pounds in 40 days. I feel like I am finally getting over my fear of not having enough food and giving myself the freedom to eat what I want…as long as it fits in the numbers.

I am on my way to 100 Days Strong. I can’t wait to get there and see who is staring back at me from the mirror. He will definitely be smaller. He will be more fit. He may even have conquered some very old hang ups about one of his favorite things. I like that.

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