I made a discovery. More of a rediscovery, actually. I really enjoy performing. It is something I used to do a lot…more than 20 years ago. Last year I auditioned for my church’s Christmas musical. It was awesome. So, I auditioned for the next thing. And then then next thing. Here I am a year later still having a blast.

I forgot how much I enjoy singing. I sang in the choir in high school and in college. I sang in churches after college. Choirs and solos, I did a lot of both. Musicals, on the other hand, I had only been in one. Well, two if you count the weird opera I was in (understudied the evil king) as a sophomore in college.

I have also discovered I love acting. I have been acting like a crazy guy for years, but actually performing a role on stage has been an unexpected treat. Getting to see the world through someone else’s eyes and bring what you see to life. So good.

The part I haven’t enjoyed? Dancing. I was semi coordinated 20 years ago. Ok. Fine. 25 years ago. (I took modern dance in college…I sucked at it, but I took it!) Now? Not so much. It take a ton of repetition to get the moves into my head and out through my body. It is satisfying when I FINALLY get it right, but it takes a fair amount to get there.

All in all, I have found a hobby that I enjoy. Sining and acting come easier than dancing, but I will do all of it with a smile on my face. It is fun again.

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