I have lived in Texas for six years now. I am proud of this. My community is a great place to live. We know our way around now, which is a feat all in itself. We have found a church we love and are doing our best to get involved. We love where we live.

I am also proud that we have made it six years for a much different reason…the weather. Yes. You read that right. We have survived six years of heat, more heat, extreme cold, rain, heat, more heat, winds, heat, and you guessed it…more heat.

Truth be told, I was used to most of this as I lived in Oklahoma for 38 years before this. The only thing I haven’t seen as much down here in Texas is Tornados. Oklahoma can keep those.

I love the weather down here. It is temperate most of the year. Summers are brutal, but the rest of the year is usually very bearable. There are times when you have to dress in a coat in the morning and are in shorts by the afternoon. It is weird, but you get used to it.

Why a post about the weather? To me it is another reminder that we get to make choices. Do I have to live somewhere that I don’t want to? No, I don’t. I can make plans to move. If I haven’t made plans to move, I am by default making plans to live where I am. I recognize it as a choice that I have made. That gives me control over my attitude and my outlook.

This is a critical part of being content. I have the power to choose. Even the power to choose to enjoy the heat, because I love where I live and the heat is just part of it.

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