Tomorrow is the start of a new week in my journey. Today is day 35.

I want to pause for a moment and be satisfied, I have done this successfully for five weeks. After struggling for months and years to gain consistency in this area of my life, this just feels good. I only want to pause for a moment though. The moment is now over.

As I get into this next week, I am very close to being down 15 pounds since I started. I want to achieve that goal this week. These incremental wins are becoming very important. They make whatever perceived loss (not getting the food I want, exercising more than I am used to, etc.), much more bearable.

I started with seven core goals :

1. Take a daily photo to show progress.

2. Exercise daily

3. Track my food and my calories.

4. Drink 100 oz of water per day.

5. Read or listen to a chapter of a book every day.

6. Encourage someone/anyone every day.

7. Write down my thoughts daily.

I have achieved all of these for 35 days in a row. Let’s go for 36. 100 Days Strong, here we come.

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