I finally got there. I reached the dipping point. I finally became so frustrated that I chose to do something different. The real question is why did it take so long?

If you read yesterday’s post, you know that today is day two of a new journey. Somehow, I finally got fed up with things being the same. I have so many things I want to accomplish that I just haven’t gotten to. For whatever reason, yesterday seemed like a good day to start.

If we’re honest, though, that’s how tipping points work. You never know when the lever is going to flip. All of the inertia it took to get to that point can’t go unnoticed. I’m just thankful the lever finally flipped.

So what did I accomplish today? Aside from some really boring work in Microsoft excel, I spent some time with my family and some time at my church. Both of those activities I consider very valuable.

While at the church tonight, I participated in a vocal class. I’ve been singing for most of my life. It is what I majored in for a couple of years in college. However, It has been 25 years or so since I’ve taken a voice lesson though. Even though tonight‘s class was not a private lesson, it was a group lesson. I had the honor of singing with many other students who were working on making themselves better.

One of my stated goals for this 100 days is to encourage people more. I got to do that tonight. When I heard something good, I let people know about it. One singer in particular does not realize how good she could be. She lives in her own head , and can’t hear what the rest of us can hear. I got the opportunity to remind her that she was among friends, and that she was so much better than she knew. It made her happy, but it was also just me telling the truth, which was nice. That interaction was a serious reminder to be more encouraging. Everyone can benefit from it if it is done from a place of honesty.

Day two was a good day. I accomplished the goals I set out to achieve. I’ve tipped to the other side and it is my prayer that I keep up the momentum. On to day three

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