I asked my bride to list ten thing that she felt women wanted from me. I share the following with you without commentary. This kid is from 2007. It is still true today.

1. We want your time.

2. We want you to be honest but not cruel.

3. Pay attention to what we say to you, your eyes and body language need to reflect this.

4. Do small things that show you still care about us.

5. Play, laugh, be silly, have fun with us, do stuff with us we consider fun.

6. Help out around the house, without complaining.

7. Don’t talk bad about us around other people.

8. Treat us with respect, don’t talk down to us, we are your partner.

9. Be our knight in shining armor, show that you will fight for us.

10. Make being together important, solo stuff is ok, but there has to be a balance.

I love her more with every day that passes. I have done my best to put these thing into action. This is good advice.

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