Where are you from? I’ve been asked this question several times over the years. The answer is complicated. If you want to know where I was born, that’s one answer. If you want to know where I grew up, that has multiple answers. Where did I go to high school? There’s another answer for that one as well. Simply put, I grew up in the south half of Oklahoma.

I feel very fortunate and I grew up where I did. Though I attended many schools, most of it occurred before I was 10 years old. I had the benefit of attending most of middle school and all of high school in the same little town in southeast Oklahoma. Durant was a good place to be in the early 90s.

We had moved from a much larger town in Oklahoma where social problems were beginning to develop. I heard when I was older that gang problems had started in the junior high I was attending. From what I was told, they started not long after I left. I am thankful that I missed that part.

I remember this guy. #backwhenihadmorehair

It didn’t take long to settle down in the small-town life. I made friends quickly and before I knew it the end of seventh grade quickly became the beginning of my freshman year in college. Everything wasn’t perfect, because nothing ever is. There were girlfriend, breakups , drama at school, loss of friendships, figuring out what I want to do, and so much more.There are a ton of things that happened during those years that I may share on this blog one day. I’m thankful for the time that I lived there. I also remember being very thankful of my time there was over as well. It’s an interesting paradox.

I remember being in a hurry. I always wanted to be older and to do more. As my teenage years went on I could feel the town getting smaller. I know that many of you know exactly how this feels. It’s natural. It was time for change. When I was younger I blamed it on the town, but I now know the town did nothing wrong. It was just time for me to find a new hometown and to keep growing.

If you were part of my life doing those years, I am extremely thankful for you. If we were friends then, I pray you consider me a friend now. If I ever offended you, you have my heart felt apology. if we weren’t friends during those days, and you need one, I am here for that too. I look back on those years fondly. I am grateful. They are part of who I am.

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