There once was a man whose heart was full of love, but his arms were empty. With the man there was a woman whose heart longed to hold a child of her very own. Together they prayed and they waited, but no child would come to be their own. Their hearts were sad.

Then one day the woman said to the man, “We have waited a long time for a child of our own. What if there is a child out there longing for a parent to come to them?”The man said to her, “This is what we have been waiting for!” And their hearts began to hope.

 So the man and the woman set out on a journey to find their precious child. They looked high and they looked low, around every corner and over every hill. They searched for miles and miles. In every direction they searched. They were certain they would find a child of their own.

The journey was long and hard and at times it seemed that all hope was lost, but they pressed on for they knew that somewhere a child was waiting just for them. So they pushed forward. It did not matter the cost. It did not matter the distance.They would soon have another member of their family.

One day, quite suddenly, their search was over for a child had appeared. The day had finally come. Their dreams were about to come true. A little girl walked slowly toward them, her brown hair blowing in the wind. She looked them over and over again.

“Are you my new mom and dad?” the little girl asked. “Will you take me home and love me? Will I have a family at last? Will you love me as your very own?”

With tears in his eyes, the man held his arms wide open. The woman cried tears of joy as well. The child their hearts had longed for became their daughter and she is to this very day.

The man’s arms were no longer empty. The woman’s heart was free to love.The child had found her family and their hearts were glad. The child who was once without a family is now…adopted.


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