It is amazing to me how the smallest things can trigger deep feelings. I am sitting on an airplane not long go, waiting for my flight to land so I could get on with my day. While sitting there trying to relax (and not have my arms bumped by flight attendants walking by), I looked down at my shirt and caught a flicker of something light colored on my shirt.

On closer examination I realized I had a blonde hair stuck to my shirt. Obviously it isn’t mine as God has blessed me with a hair full of brown and grey. As I pulled it from my shirt I smiled from ear to ear. It belongs to the one I love the most. The one that I am eager to get back home to see. It is a reminder of my best friend.

This is a fairly common occurrence. I frequently find her hair on me as I go throughout my day. It is an awesome reminder of who she is and how much she means to me. I am so crazy in love with her. She has beautiful hair too. Let me not forget to mention that.

I especially love when I am driving with her in the car with the windows down. Invariably I end up with her hair on me from it bowing in the wind. I even end up with her hair on me days after she has been in my car. It is just waiting there for me to catch me off guard and remind me how thankful I am to be hers…and that she is mine.

It really is the small things that make me happy. I never would have thought it, but I am so glad for those times where little reminders of her catch me off guard.

What are the small things in your life that bring you joy? Are there things that you love now that you never expected to?

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