I have been reading back through some things I wrote a few years ago. I ran across this and wanted to share it. It is a piece about what happens when we find hope. I spent a lot of years with it diminished. It was just starting to find its way back as I penned these words:

Finding hope

Hope makes the heart tingle. It energizes as it moves in.

It makes its way across the body and it spreads throughout your limbs.

Lungs that were dusty breathe in fresh and deep. Your brain waves start moving as the giant awakes from its sleep.

Purpose can now be viewed and destiny is not far behind. The eyes of your soul are no longer blind.

So breath in the air and bask in the warmth of the sun. Your future is calling. Your winter is done.

What started as a spark has fanned into a flame. Your purpose has remade you and you have a new name.

A body that was useless has found its glory once again. Hope has brought life to the future of the man.

We all go through times where it seems we have little hope of finding better days. I have felt like this many times. I am reminded of a scene from the movie The Two Towers. The Battle of Helms Deep is about to begin. A young man looks at Aragorn and says this: “The men are saying that we will not live out the night. They say that it is hopeless.” Aragorn asks the boy for his sword. He examines it. He tells the boy, “This is a good sword.” And then he speaks profound words. “There is always hope.” In the next scene Aragorn’s words are fulfilled as an army of Elves comes to Rohan’s aid. They survive the battle. They ultimately win the way. There is always hope.

Do things seem bleak now? Are you in a job you hate? Are you in a relationship that you want to get better, but don’t know how it will? Do things seem desperate? I say to you what Aragorn said. There is hope. I didn’t see it all the time years ago, but it was there and a better day came.

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