I woke this morning to the sound of thunder. I almost didn’t know what it was. It has been a few months since it has rained in this part of Oklahoma. It has been dry and dusty for weeks. So, I lay there in bed listening to the rain come down. It was a peaceful moment.

Aside from enjoying the sound, I am thankful it rained because my yard and my garden needed it. It amazes me how differently things grow when they are watered by rain water. I can water my yard and it greens up a little. It can rain and the whole yard explodes into life. We also noticed last year that our tomato plants responded really well to the rain. It left everything outside my house looking clean and fresh.

Though I know that the rain is a good thing (or can be), why do I almost always think of it in a bad way? I am usually frustrated when it rains. There is something I wanted to do that the rain has interfered with. Or, the electricity goes out in the house because of a lightning strike (not fond of this one) and we are left in the dark for a while. Despite all of the good things that the rain brings, we focus on the inconveniences or troubles.

Maybe this is why we call the hard times in life the storms. We all face times of life when it feels like the wind is howling around us. Thunder and lightning are crashing from all sides. The water is pouring down, cold and hard. We feel battered and are in desperate need of shelter. Anyone who has ever been caught out in an Oklahoma thunder storm knows exactly why this metaphor is used. The storms are hard, but many times good comes from them.

Have you ever had a storm in your life that caused you to reevaluate the way you did things? I have had many. Cancer, financial hardship, and lost friendships just to name a few. After these storms blew over I had a different perspective on things. Many things that I thought were important no longer were and that is OK. I needed the priority change. The storms left some wreckage, but they also washed a lot of things clean. There was a chance to start over at the storm’s end. The yard had been watered, so to speak.

I try to keep this perspective when it rains (in life and for real). I welcomed the rain today because the ground needed it very much. I welcome the rain in my life because it helps shape my character. I may not always like it when it is going on, but I know that it serves a purpose. Even if I can’t see it immediately.

6 thoughts on “I am thankful for the rain.

  1. “I welcome the rain in my life because it helps shape my character. I may not always like it when it is going on, but I know that it serves a purpose. Even if I can’t see it immediately.” Beautifully stated. I don’t enjoy the storms when they’re flooding the world around me, but I appreciate the world so much more when the flooding subsides.

    I live in Los Angeles now but I’m from the Pacific Northwest. I don’t miss the incessant rain there, but sometimes I feel like I’m lost if we go too long without rain. I love it when we get a few days of rain in a row here; it’s like I’m a little girl again. The rain allows me that reconnection to my past, and the calmness of knowing it’s OK to just sit inside and watch the sky for a few days.


    1. I appreciate your comments. I agree with you. Sometimes when it is raining we just have to let it rain and know it is going to be OK. It was definitely a good excuse this afternoon for getting curled up on the couch with the family and a cup of tea.


      1. My brain has been so rewired for Facebook, I looked for a “Like” button for several seconds before realizing I’m not going to find one on a by-comment basis 🙂


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