When Marixa and I first got married we lived in an 800 square foot apartment on the north side of Oklahoma City. It was one bedroom and one bath, and fit us perfectly after we said I do. It was filled with a bunch of hand-me-down furniture, including a recliner sofa that had the support beams exposed and an assortmnet of furniture made out of ammo crates. (Yes. Real ammunition crates. Our end tables, microwave stand, bookshelves, and a few other things were expertly crafted from old ammunition crates.)

When we moved in we had very few cares in the world. I had a part time job as did she. I went to school full time. There was a lot of time to hang out together, watch movies, play games, and enjoy life. We had a good thing going. Then, about 8 months in, we started to experience the craving for more. A bigger apartment sounded nice. Soon after that a newer car was a serious want. After that we needed to get out of apartments and into a house. We rented for a while and then we just had to buy. And so on.

Looking back, I miss apartment 380. We had very few debts. Very little worry. Life moved at a slower pace. It is a shame that we didn’t realize it at the time. We had a very good thing at the beginning of our marriage. It was a sacred time. One I would encourage more young couples to take advantage of.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love my life. There are responsibilities and things to take care of, but I do love it. We are building a life in our home with our family. (We have been in this house for almost 5 years…that is some kind of record!). I do look back on 380 with fond memories. Given the chance to start there again, I know there are some choices Marixa and I would have made different along the way, but we wouldn’t be where we are in so many other ways.

Have you noticed this pattern in your life? Have you ever felt the need for bigger and better? I am convinced that there is much more contentment in simplicity. That is what those days were: simple. I loved it. One day we will get back there again…but not 800 square feet. That just wouldn’t work with kiddos and dogs!



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