I just finished reading the Travelers Gift by Andy Andrews. That is the second of his books that I have read this month. Exceptional stuff. Check it out if you haven’t read it. You won’t be disappointed. In it he tells a story about a character named David who is way down in his life and is taught seven decisions that successful people make on the way to success.

The first of the decisions struck me. It is this: The buck stops here. What does he mean by this? I am responsible for my life. Things are the way they are because of the choices that I have made, the thoughts that I have put into my head, and what I have done with my opportunities. He says the way we are where we are because of the way we think. If we want to be somewhere else we have to change how we think. We are responsible. I am responsible.

This is not a popular message. We live in a world of blame passers. How often do we hear people say, “Its not my fault!”? It is easy to live this way, but it not rewarding.

One line that stuck out to me from this chapter says this: The buck stops here. I control my thoughts. I control my emotions. In the future when I am tempted to ask the question “Why me?” I will immediately counter with the answer: “Why not me?” Challenges are gifts, opportunities to learn.

This book struck a chord in me. The buck stops here. I choose not to be a victim. I choose not to let circumstance dictate my life. I choose to take responsibility for myself, my actions, my thoughts, etc. The buck stops here.

The paragraph goes on to say: Problems are the common thread running through the lives of great men and women. In times of adversity, I will not have a problem to deal with; I will have a choice to make… I accept responsibility for my past. I control my thoughts. I control my emotions. I am responsible for my success. …The buck stops here.

What do you think about these words? Where do you stand on this matter?

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