I am amazed at how much power we have. For good or bad. We have a very powerful weapon at our disposal: our words.

Our words have power. How we use them can bring joy or pain. Laughter or tears.You know exactly what I mean. You are probably thinking now about things that you have said or you have said to someone.

For example:

The Bad: You idiot. You are not good enough. Can’t you do anything right? I never loved you.

The Good: You look nice today. Thank you for helping me. I appreciate you. I am a better person because of your influence.

I don’t underestimate the power of my words. I have seen on more than one occasion how the things I say can bring harm. Sometimes when I haven’t intended for it to be that way. I can’t be careless with what I say. What is the old verse? Even a fool looks wise if he keeps his mouth shut.

When we do use our words on purpose it is amazing. A kind work genuinely spoken is like medicine for the heart. The cool thing is it doesn’t cost a thing to make others feel really good. Who do you know that needs your words today?

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