We had a snow day today. I live in Oklahoma. Snow and Oklahoma and not usually friends. They have been making up for lost time over the last day. There is a 4 foot snow drift on my back porch. My poor dogs can even get into the back yard to do go…you know. (My daschund will hardly step foot out the back door.) It is 8 degrees outside my window right now (it was 72 just 3 days ago…what is up with that?).

It has been a great day. I have a clean office for the first time in a while (thank you Marixa for helping me get this done.) I got to be creatvie in the kitchen this evening. I took my first stab at home made Mac and Cheese. (Still a work in progress.) The best part of the day though was I had to slow down. And I did. I spent the day soaking up being here with Marixa and Trey. That is priceless.

There are not many days that come along where I have to stay home and there is nothing going on. Today was one of those days. I feel plugged into my family. It is a good feeling. One I need to cultivate on more than just snow days.

I hope, wherever you are, you are safe and warm.

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