Is it possible that we get so busy living our lives that we never ask ourselves, "What makes me happy?" Some may know the answer to this, but many of us are left puzzled. Like we have never really paused long enough to think about the question.

The person who weighs 400 pounds. The person who spends every night at the bar. The person who spends every extra penny at the casino. What got them there? What will get them out?

The good news is this: we don't have to stay where we are. Look in the mirror. Be honest. If you can't be honest with the person staring back at you, you can't be honest with anyone. Ask the question. What makes me happy? Where do I find joy? Take a few steps back and look at your situation. Ask a friend you trust for their opinion. Get a good clear picture. If you aren't happy now, knowing what you want is the first step.

There is more power inside of you than you know. I love this quote: There is a giant asleep within every man. When the giant awakes, miracles happen. — Frederick Faust

Are your choices taking you toward the life you want? Or further away? Make the choice today to wake up the giant, and do something great.

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