Perspective. It comes at odd times. Watching my son as he sleeps. Reading about the passing of someone you know. Looking at the sky and feeling small. These are the times when the important things in life are very real, and right there with you.

There is more to this life than we acknowledge. We try to hide ourselves away. Lead a nice little life. Watch from the sidelines. Then, when we least expect it, life reminds us that we are frail. Our time here is short, and getting even shorter. We don’t have a lot of time, so we should be making the most of what we have doing the important things.

The following is an excerpt from a short story I wrote a while back. It is a description of time passing:

“Time chases us all…and one day catches us,” he said to me as we sat at the bar. “We don’t notice it when we are young because our legs are strong and our steps are light.” The old man paused for a second to take a drink.

“As we age the grasp of time tugs at our ankles. It trips us and we start to stumble. We are not able to move as fast as we once did.” A remorse lay deep in his eyes as he spoke these words. “As we age further we reach the point where time has crawled like a bandit on to our backs. It weighs us down and seeks to steal the life we live.” He paused again, savoring the flavor of his last drink.

“It’s weight becomes so unbearable that we eventually break. We fall to the ground…and our time is gone on this earth.” His eyes were misty. Time was indeed catching up to him. His tired old eyes had seen many hard days I was sure.

Our time to make an impact is now. Even if it is just with those around us. Do the important work. Leave a legacy. Keeping things in perspective is tough at times, but it is essential. It is hard to be a positive force in the world without it. One day when time crawls on your back you can greet it as an old friend and walk happily with it on your way.

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