I find it amazing that if two people start in the same spot and travel in seemingly the same direction that they could end up very far apart. Person 1 travels in a straight line. Person 2 travels in a straight line, but pointed 2 a couple of degrees different than Person 1. By the time they have traveled a few hundred miles there is some serious distance between them.

I talked to an old friend not long ago. We talked about people that we had known back in the day and where they were now. She told me of a mutual friend that we had had back then and where he was today. He and I were friends. We were headed in the same direction. We only varied by a few degrees. Now he is there and I am here. We are several years down the line and a life experience apart.

This is not a tale of good or bad. He is doing well, but our lives are very different. This is a tale of degrees. It is amazing to me how similar we seemed then and how different we are now. A choice here. A choice there. Repeated over time.

The choices can be subtle. Taking a new class. Learning a new skill. If you are purposeful about it the small choices you make today can make a huge difference in your future. Where do you need to adjust course by a degree or two?

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