Since the very first Toy Story movie came out I have been a huge Pixar fan. I am guessing I am like a lot of people. I was a 17 when I first saw Toy Story. It blew me away.

Well, here I am. It is 15 years later and Pixar has done it again. My wife and I took our son to the movies three nights ago and we discovered that Toy Story 3 might just be one of their best.

I have all of the Pixar films. All of them have been good in their own way. They have blown me away time and time again. (I have probably seen The Incredibles and Cars a dozen times each.) None of them left me feeling like this one did.

It was funny. It was sad. It had its tense moments. It dealt with touching subjects. Toy Story 3 was an awesome movie.

One of the things that got me was this: It was bittersweet for Andy to give up his toys. He loved his childhood. He lived it well. Now, it is time to grow up and he knows it. He comes to the moment where he realizes his childhood is over and he is thankful. He leaves the toys he loves in the hands of a young one so that she can have the same chance at adventure and imagination that he had. It was extremely touching. It has me thinking days later.

Here is one of the questions that I have asked myself: What things from my past were good in their season, but now need to be let go of so that I can grow? I am still thinking about the answer. What about you? Are there things you are holding on to that were good once, but now are holding you back? Is it time to grow?

Good stories do this. They make us think. They stick with us. Toy Story 3 was that kind of movie.

One thought on “Pixar did it again.

  1. So true. Sometimes it is hard to let go especially of the good things but if we don’t we can’t grow. Straw and chaff (in farmer terms) are important to bring the wheat to maturity but there comes a time when they must be separated from the kernel so that it can make its contribution.


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