It is raining outside my window right now. Sounds like it is coming down pretty hard. The thumping on the roof is very soothing, minus the cracks of thunder that wake the dead. All in all, it is pretty nice. I am safe and warm here in the house. My family is tucked in bed. The storm can’t get us. I am thankful we had that new roof put on last year.

Rain can be terrifying, but is also amazing. It washes everything clean. A morning after a rain smells fresh and feels crisp. Things look new again. It is easy to forget the rainstorm when the sun is shining bright over head. Everything feels right again.

I may not like the storm that brings the rain, but I am thankful for the rain. It brings water to the earth. It nourishes. Good comes out of it. I may not like hard times when life is covered in a torrential downpour, but I am thankful for the lessons that make my life grow. It is no fun being wet, but being stronger because of it isn’t bad.

What storms are you going through right now? Can you see where the troubles of today may lead to the growth of tomorrow?

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