My boy turns two tomorrow. It seems like only a moment ago he was handed through the door in the room where I was waiting. I was beside myself with worry. My wife had been taken back. I was supposed to join her. Almost a hour went by and a nurse informed me that my wife was in recovery and my son was being attended to. I remember the pain washing away as they placed him in my arms. I could hold him completely in two hands. When they brought my wife in a few moments later, everything was complete.

Now, he is three feet tall. He is full of life and energy. He knows his ABCs. He laughs like it is going out of style. His mind is constantly working. He has a mean right hook. He is sweet to his mama. He adores his two dogs (both of which we had for almost ten years before he came along. They weren’t so sure about him at first.) The little guy is a ton of fun to be around. It is hard to believe that he is the little one I held in my hands.

I am so thankful and I am humbled every day by the fact that God gave him to me so that I could be his daddy. I am also aware of the fact that he is watching me more and more every day. I am his example of what a man looks like. I have to do it right.

Time is passing by. The more my son grows, the more I know it. Every day I have a choice. Do I let time slip through my hands? Or do I grab hold of opportunity and make the most of it? Time will pass whatever I choose. I might as well be the man I need to be. For me…and for him.

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