Adventure. It is in our DNA. We were made this way. We all need it in one form or fashion.

We may call it different things. Our adventures, undoubtedly, are very different from each other. You may be into extreme sports. You may climb mountains. You might call the mall an adventure. For me? It is seeing things I haven’t seen before. Finding new ways to look at things.

I took a small adventure two weeks ago and went to Tennessee for a writing conference held by Dan Miller of 48 Days. It was out of my comfort zone. I had my doubts about going. We drove over 700 miles each way. It took 12 hours to get there…and I had an absolute blast. I learned a ton at the Write to the Bank conference, but that is not all that got me. Tennessee is beautiful. It was restorative to drive I40 from Memphis to Nashville. We then made our way across I96 through many miles of gorgeous scenery. Seeing new things reminded me that I live in a shell. If I don’t come out of it often and look around I start to feel very isolated and my creativity is stunted. As an added bonus, I got to spend 24 hours side by side with my wife with our son in the back seat. We hadn’t had that much talk time in a long time.

What about you? Need an adventure? Why not start one today? You might find the rest your soul is after, and a new perspective too.

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